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the one where we met.

Patrick Hendry — Heavy Grey

the day I met you was the day my life changed forever. a little dramatic, maybe. cliche, I know.

but believe me when I say that it really was transformative.

it’s quite strange because it was during one of the most mentally and emotionally challenging times of my life. but, you came in and offered me a sense of peace like no other.

I felt it for the first time that night. despite all that had happened — it felt as though they never were. it was the best I had felt in a while. it felt comforting.

in retrospect, I don’t think that night was the first or last time I had met you. because I knew you but I didn’t know who you were and I didn’t care to understand. truth is, I met you a few times after that night but it was almost like a part of me didn’t want to accept you because I didn’t think I was worthy of that kind of love. I still don’t.

but that night was different. as sat on the cold floor, wailing my heart out in silence. there and then I understood what it meant to truly be loved. as I rested in your warm embrace with hopes that I’ll never have to leave.

it was foolish of me to have left; to no fault of yours.

now, I realize the depth of my foolishness and every inch of my heart longs to feel that comforting peace once more. I want to listen to my heart and return to that safe place. I just hope that I never leave this time and I never stop meeting you.

it was a pleasure meeting you Abba.


a creative who tells stories.

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